Sunday, February 19, 2012

wow...its just so beautiful outside

Mom has decided that we better get a blogpost up because My Gramma is missing my beautifullness. I can.t say as I blame her....and I am sure there is a certain studly Mastiff that misses my hind end as well.... we can only hope that she hasnt lost her mind completely...but..she insists on showing you all a teeny weeny pine cone...whatever...boring...
Just before this photo was taken there was a huge squirrel running past me...well a teeny squirrel...but...isnt it a little soon for squirrels....I decided to let him live...wait till he plumps up a bit...(you all knwo what i mean...right)
Mom thought you would all like to see a photo of the Yukon River....we have had some surprisingly awesome weather so not a lot of ice...
MMMMMMMMMMMM mmmmmmmmMMMMMM...some wonderful smells here...
Seriously MOM...This is MY blog....
I am just finishing a ten mile run here....whew...what does she think I am...I think she is trying to get me in shape for the Yukon Quest next year....(i dont think so MJ...1000 miles...and motors allowed...not gonna happen)
I dont know why I even bother telling her that this is my blog....
More pee is a busy part of town....must be the sunshine
Well now it is time to hang out with my BFF Cooper...I am sitting patiently waiting for my turn on the bone....very patiently...Well Gramma I hope this makes you happy...


Sam and Pippen said...

It's about time! Have you been hibernating all winter?

Sam and Pippen

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